Monday, August 27, 2007

Ice Cream in Zambia

Hello again!
I arrived in Lusaka, Zambia yesterday at 1pm. The vice-principle and his wife (Mr. and Mrs. Moore) met me at the airport and then we went to pick up the two other youth volunteers (Neda and Tahirih) from the market in town.

We decided to stop for ice cream, and what a fiasco that was! I was waiting literally right in front of the cashier for 20 minutes, surrounded by hungry ice cream-wanters, lots of noise and light, before Mrs. Moore came in and loudly demanded service! So what I know of Zambians so far is that they take their ice cream very seriously.

I'm getting settled into my room, using my mosquito net to keep me safe at night and learning my way around this rather large campus. Last night there was a Salsa Night for the staff on campus, so I had a dance party on my first night! The students will be arriving on Sunday, till then we're just getting ready for school to start. I'm supervising dorm A, which is the grade 8 girls who I'm told are very nice.

Unfortunately the internet is too slow to upload many pictures... I'll work on getting my computer and cell phone set up so you can see where I am!


Tami said...

Wooohooo! Have you made friends with the other volunteers?

Jonathan said...

I may not be Zambian, but I take my ice cream very seriously too, you know. :-) I like the fact you're going to be taking care of Dorm A, sounds vaguely farmiliar, no? ha ha ha....looking forward to more updates and great stories.


Jorma said...

What does the night sky look like in Zambia?