Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Safe in Johannesburg

I landed in Johannesburg last night and am staying with my grandma and aunt in their flat.

The flight was long and uneventful, except for one cute story. Leaving Montreal I was sitting next to a sweet lady from Romania. She was clearly Christian because she was crossing herself enthusiastically as we took off. She even crossed me for good measure! Naturally I couldn't explain that as a Baha'i, I recognize Jesus as a Messenger of God but that I don't cross myself. Anyway, I appreciated the gesture. Later she tried talking to a young Muslim woman from Iraq. It was nice to see how the limitations that language impose can still be overcome with pure intention. I also was very pleased with the diversity of our seating :)

I leave for Lusaka on Sunday morning and until then I'll just be visiting family here. I'll have more exciting stories when I get to Zambia I'm sure!

Love to all!

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Nida said...

First to comment, yay! well I'm looking forward to your blogging, I can tell you're a good blogger already ;) Well, everything is well here, school just starting and I am very envious of you missy because I wish to be on an adventure myself...who knows, another semester at JAC might become adventurous... but I also find it cute that the nice Romanian Christian lady and the young Iraqi Muslim woman sparked a conversation. Anyways, keep blogging :P