Friday, September 21, 2007

All the way to Lusaka

The days go by so fast here!

Last week I went with some students to a nearby school to do tutoring. Every week, the students here go on a service trip: some do sports, others tutoring etc with local schools. I went to Nachiyaba school and supervised the tutoring. I tried to help some girls with the alimentary canal (as I know it, the 'digestive system') but it was really difficult because they couldn't understand my accent and I couldn't understand theirs!

On Saturday, I went out for lunch with Amy, Sophie, Corinne, Michel and two others. We went to a farm/restaurant where we got some real South African sausage called boerewors. It was nice to leave campus for a while.

On Tuesday, our day off, Tahirih and I went to Lusaka on our own! We took a minibus-taxi to Lusaka, which took an hour. We started by standing on the wrong side of the road, but managed to wave down a bus and squish into it. Now I feel really African! We did some shopping and then went to visit an NGO called Children in Need, where someone I know works. We learnt about the Street Life Program that has been going on, which basically consists of removing street kids from the street, putting them in centers, sending them to school if possible and contacting their families if they are interested in returning home. We went to a shelter for girls, aged 12 to 18. Some of them had run away from home and been living on the streets where some would sniff glue.
It was a really inspiring visit. Tahirih and I were talking about how can we help the world... and we decided that that daunting task should be taken one person at a time :) and also by strengthening morals, culture and spirituality, families would be stronger, children wouldn't run away and then Street Life wouldn't be necessary in the first place.

That whole day we felt safe. Zambians are very helpful with directions luckily! In the 5 minutes it took us to find the right bus, Tahirih and I had more requests for our phone number and lunch dates and marriage proposals than we'd had combined before that! So it was a very busy and educational day off!

The pictures are the youth volunteers with Mrs. Mukendi, the matron, and Ms. Lengwe, our coordinator; Rae and I after our bus trip; an area of Lusaka called Garden where the girl's center we visited is.


Monique9 said...

Hi Karrie,
Your post just came up on my google alert for Tahirih. So its fun to know your adventures are reaching all the way over here in Tucson Arizona.
The photo's are lovely and its wonderful to see your efforts among the students in Zambia.
If you have an opportunity check out this new Website
If you'll be in Africa a while and have a reliable address let us know and we can send some historical Baha'i pictures if thats permissible and/or interesting for you.
Good Luck,


Jorma said...

It seems like you're having the time of your life, Karrie :D


Tami said...

Hahahahah marriage proposals?? Haaaaahaha! Woohoo! The fam all send their love. Hope your laryngitis is gone/leaving.
Love love love!