Monday, September 10, 2007

Week 1

If I had to describe the culture of the Banani dorms in one word, I would say LIFE. (Sometimes when I'm tired I will also say NOISE...) The girls have lots to say, and they say it with great enthusiasm :) so though at first I was a bit surprised by the set "quiet time" hours before bed, I now look forward to that time more than I ever would have thought.
I've been working in the finance office, doing some account stuff that I don't really understand, and a lot of yearbook design. I got a flu over the weekend, but it didn't last long.

Tonight, Tahirih and I had supper with the Pollock family. It was really nice to eat something other than cornmeal (called mchima) with tomatoey sauce and meat and coleslaw - which we get a lot of here. The Pollocks have two sweet boys who are lots of fun to play with. Mr. Pollock is the Counsellor (advisory and guiding position in the Baha'i Faith) for the region of Zambia and Zimbabwe. He travels a lot so it was nice to meet him - I was beginning to think he was just a rumor!

We also had our first Feast (a Baha'i gathering that happens every 19 days) and also our first Sunday Devotions (a multi-faith devotional service that the students host each week). At both there was lots of singing which was so nice - musically nice as well, everyone seemed to find the perfect harmony and it sounded so uplifting.
Each Saturday there is entertainment for the girls, this week it was a dance. And can these girls ever dance! Any vague idea I may have had about being a passable dance at home was completely shattered when I saw how these girls can move. I'm going to have to take some lessons before I venture out onto their dance floor!

Here are some photos of me and my grade 8 girls :)
The first one is (L to R) Martha and Miyanda in the front, Marlyn and Regina in the back and me
The seconde one is another Regina, Ruth and Sanka and me.


Tami said...

Swweeet! Glad everything is going well so far!
Love to you from everyone here :)

Samantha Strath said...

Hey Kaz... Wow it looks like another world - how exciting! I can imagine the girls all being very loud as after all their culture does focus on song, dance rythm and noise much more than ours... What a boring people we North Americans are! Lol love the dancing as well... Ask them to teach you some of their awesome steps so you can come back and show us! Can't wait for the next blog, and I hope everything keeps going well!!
Lots of love, Sam

Roya said...

So I'm totally reading your blog again while I'm at Banani just to see if I know the girls... and I do now!!! AHAHA I love Ruth soooooooooo much she's hilarious!