Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Dedication II

As we are nearing the end of the month, I realize I should dedicate my next month of service. November is dedicated to my great-aunt Venise, or Aunty Vee. She recently passed away at the age of 86. She was still working when she passed away! She worked for most of her life with children at schools and preschools. She taught them yoga, and she was also a music teacher. She taught my mom how to play piano, who in turn taught me, using the same tricks as Aunty Vee: making me have bubbles under my fingers when I played. My mom also used to reenact how Aunty Vee used to sneeze. I've never met Aunty Vee, but her influence on my mom's life has left an impression on me as well. Her whole family loved her dearly and I'm sorry that I never got to meet her.
So I hope that this next month is full of music, children, determination and hard work!

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Nika said...

Karrie...I've linked to your blog on my blog. I'll send u the link on email!