Monday, November 26, 2007

One World

Last night, while I was supervising computers, some of my girls found my blog on the internet, so they all had a lot of fun admiring pictures of themselves... They felt very famous to be on the internet! And I guess in a way they are rather internationally known, because you read about them :)

Also last night there was a pretty big thunderstorm in the distance, so I got to see the most spectacular lightning but stay dry at the same time! I've never seen lightning forks that big before. And at one point, there was a frenzy of fierce lightning coming from a very localized area - it was beautiful to watch, but I hope everyone near that area is ok! I've always loved storms... I remember running outside with my friend Sam when we were young in the middle of a thunderstorm, and Tami and I went dancing in the rain just last summer! haha, but I know when I go home I'll be bored with the wimpy lightning.

I've had great news! I've been trying to organize some fundraising for the Primary school here. I've asked friends who run junior youth groups if they'd be interested in helping with it, because all the groups have some kind of community service aspect. So far, I've got requests for pen-pals and school supplies coming from Findland as well as Montreal, where one group has gone so far as to ask schools, university peers and radio channels to support them! I think this is just one example of the uniqueness of these junior youth empowerment groups. Not only is it teaching them that service to others is important, but it's exposing them to a world-wide community and the concept of the human family. If the younger generations can come to appreciate the oneness of the world and its peoples, I think the world will be a healthier, more peaceful place.

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