Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Party's over...

The celebration at the school and at the Institute were great! All the girls dressed up and looked lovely! The programs were so full of music, I know I'll miss that a lot when I go home.
Rae and I went to a restaurant/farm/lodge place 15mins away called Fringilla for lunch, as a Holy Day treat! My had waaaay too much fun on the trampoline and other little-kiddie toys they had there, as you can see.
One thing I haven't talked about much yet is the driving here. The city driving is a bit chaotic, but I get more scared on the highway that connects the school to Lusaka - the Great North Road, it's basically the main road in the north of Zambia. The scary part is over-taking slow trucks and stuff, because you have to slow down as you approach them from behind, and then check if cars are coming the other way before trying to over-take them... usually I try my best not to look at the road, but when I do I make strange faces to keep myself from crying out!
I'm thinking of changing my bachelor's from nursing to nutrition... I need general opinions, so if you have advice, please tell me!
I feel like the rain is going to come pouring down on me, so I'm going to take shelter somewhere where the wireless internet doesn't work :P

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