Wednesday, November 28, 2007

True Liberty

Hi again!
Rae and I went to Lusaka and had lunch with Cathy Thompson, who told us all about her interesting life! She's lived in Nepal, Namibia, Swaziland, Zambia, Israel... basically her life has been one huge adventure.

When we were in town we had the regular business of some guys wanting to be our boyfriends... I realize thought that I should specify that my anecdotes are not applicable to all Zambians. Not all the men we see as us out (that's based more on personality... or insanity), and not everyone runs up to us asking where we are going or if we need help. But people are definitely a lot more helpful and a lot more curious than in Montreal.

We were at one very chaotic bus station and I saw a very practical example of what true liberty looks like. In the Baha'i Faith, the Writings talk about how "true liberty is submission unto [God's] commandments"... this idea appeared contradictory to me, because isn't liberty the freedom from rules? Ah. Well, at this bus station, there were buses reversing into each other, parked haphazardly, blocking the entrances and exits and you couldn't walk across the lot without almost being run over. So there were no rules for traffic ("freedom") but you can't survive that chaos! If some traffic laws had been upheld there, though, I would have been safe to cross and get on a bus and go wherever I wanted. So basically, with just a few rules to follow, we have the liberty to travel anywhere we want safely.

Time for a new dedication! This month won't be 'in memory of' but more 'in honour of.' As December is generally a time for families (over the winter holidays especially) I'm going to dedicate this next month to my family, specifically Tami, Matt, Mika, Kai, Robby and Mia :)
Love you guys!

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