Thursday, December 20, 2007

Livingstone and Joburg

shoh! so it's been ages since my last post. sorry.
Since I last wrote, school has finished! The girls went home and though
it was sad to say goodbye, we were all excited to have quiet dorms
again. Amy's mom arrived from the State, it was really nice to have a
mother around us again :) We also had the End-of-Year Celebration for
our children's classes. Very few parents came, but we still had fun
presenting. My class told the parents a bit about what they'd learnt
(some history of the Baha'i Faith, as well as concepts such as the
oneness of religion and the betterment of the world) and we performed a
short step dance, to show our unity!
Then we were off to Livingstone to see the Victoria Falls. We had a
great time there. We stayed at a hostel called Fawlty Towers, which was
a great place except for there were bugs in the beds. We went on a game
walk in the Mosi-oa-Tunya national park and we saw a rhino and also we
were almost chased by a herd of buffalo! We went to Livingstone Island
located on top of the falls and we swam in the river there and we were
even suspended by our feet over the actual falls!! see the picture.
Amy, Rae and I also bungee jumped. Amy and I went tandem. I would be
lying if I said it wasn't terrifying. It was. But it was still lots of
We also met the Baha'i community in Livingstone and did a session of
Ruhi with them, a world-wide sequence of books that each focus on a
different aspect of the Baha'i Faith, such as it's history (the book we
did there), or prayer, or service... It was really wonderful to meet
them and to be able to learn with them. The time we spent studying with
them was very different from what I was used to. Their living room was
very small and cluttered, there were flies everywhere and lizards on
the walls... but it was Africa!
Now I'm in South Africa. I'm staying with my grandma for a few days
before I go to the beach with my uncle's family. I'm having fun
visiting my relatives, today I had lunch with my mom's mom and my dad's
mom... My one gran needs a wheelchair but she didn't bring it with her
to lunch, so she sat in my other gran's walker and was wheeled to the
car by my gran! it was the funniest thing.


SalimuHobbs said...

Nice blog.... It was interesting reading about Zambia and Banani School. Zambia is my home and so is Banani (worked there for few years)... Hope you are enjoying yor service and time there!


Roya said...

My name is Roya Ansari and I am 17 years old. I am a Baha'i and I live in the United States. I was applied for a year of service to Banani International Baha'i school and I am so glad that I found someone who has given some service there. I was trying to find their home site when I stumbled upon your blog. All of the pictures are beautiful, and I was wondering if I could contact you and ask you a few questions about your experience, because I might possibly be giving a year of service there in September 2008. My email address is

I would love to hear from you! thank you so much!

Roya Ansari

Maury said...

Hi Karina Wunderkind!
Hope you are doing well. I was just in Malawi and South Africa too. Loved SA, except for the brutal violence. Give big surprise hug to Roxanne Lalonde nee Lemmon if you see her. Looking forward to welcoming you home.
Unka Moami