Friday, January 11, 2008


Apparently I haven't said anything about my new work! This is exciting stuff.
I'm teaching music and Phys. Ed. in the Primary school with Sophie this term! We have an average of 2 sports lessons and one music lesson everyday in the mornings. The afternoons we have off. I'm have a great time with lesson plans (I love making lists!!) and getting creative with exercises/songs... I made one class do yoga!

This week has been long. It takes effort to get back into a routine. The youth are reading Some Answered Questions together in the afternoons (a book of answers on a range of topics by Abdu'l-Baha, the son of the Prophet-founder of the Baha'i Faith) and we're going to try and stay in shape using our workout DVDs. The new youth, Anita, is adjusting slowly but surely.

Next week the new grade 8s arrive. We have two days of orientation with them to get them acquainted with the rules of the school and the campus... and each other! I'm excited to play team-building games with them.

I'm really liking my new room! I'm finding that the stuff you have will expand to fill the available space though. Entropy.

Oh! the pictures are of my pet lizard, Eddie Lizzard, who kills my bugs and keeps me company. He had fluff on his chin... and Baha'i classes :) notice how nice and green everything is now!


Roya said...
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Roya said...

Gah! Sorry! I wanted to add a little more to my previous comment but the whole "deleting" thing didn't work. I was saying that your pictures are beautiful and you seem like you are having a really great time! The grass is SO green :-)
Hope everything is going well,