Monday, January 28, 2008

Montreal Fire (Dedication)

This week has been pretty productive. I'm a junior youth animator for some of the girls in my old dorm and we've started planning a service project: health and hygiene at local schools. We're going to fundraise on Visiting Sundays by organizing a 1-hour daycare. On Saturday I started the junior dance workshop and we've learnt most of the Racism dance already! Sunday was a Visiting Sunday and the youth were actually visited! A youth who served here a few years ago is visiting friends in Zambia and she's stopped by the school a few times. She brought us pizza and cokes - she knows what we miss here!

I'm trying not to have my feet on two continents at this point... I'm starting to look forward to going home, and that makes me realize how special each day I have left here is! 'Living in the now' is complicated business.

I'm not really sure of the significance behind the name 'Montreal Rain' but that's the name of a choir made up of some the most amazing people and some very precious friends of mine in Montreal.
In general, I don't really associate 'rain' with the youth of Montreal. They're more firey than wet. Really, they're like fireflies... bright lights you see on dark, quiet nights that compel you to come closer and get a better look. And when you come closer, you're enchanted and hooked to their energy, light and love. Their energy is inspiring, their vision is wonderful and their actions speak louder than any testament of mine ever could. All I can say is that I've seen strangers become family and hearts melt into open arms in the midst of your positive and reviving spirit.
So guys, this next month is for all of you. I'll remember your zeal when I get tired and your laugh when I need to be cheered up. Keep twinkling and blinking - you'll light up any forest if you stick together.

Unless and until the believers really come to realize they are one spiritual family, knit together by a bond more lasting than mere physical ties can ever be, they will not be able to create that warm community atmosphere which alone can attract the hearts of humanity, frozen for lack of real love and feeling. (From a letter dated 5 May 1943 written on behalf of Shoghi Effendi to an individual believer)
See you in a few months!


Tami said...

Three months!
We miss you!

Amelia said...

So beautiful Karrie! We miss you so much!!
We didn't actually all agree on Montreal Rain, but it's the title of a song Vai composed, that the choir is singing. And we had to figure out some kind of name for ourselves for neby, it was quite urgent. Montreal Rain is the best thing we came up with.
Love you!