Tuesday, January 22, 2008


(Having problems with the pictures...sorry)
Water is really great. Especially running water. 14 hours without it will remind you just how fantastic H2O really is :) We've also had quite a few power outages, but because we have a generator for the kitchen, it hasn't bothered me much. I know that it's annoying for the staff because they don't get the generator-power. Power is also good.

Sophie's birthday was on Friday, so after children's classes (which went very well! It was my first lesson on cleanliness, I found a blog on children's class ideas that was helpful and we talked about how the body is the home of the soul and needs to be clean so the soul can thrive... and we did a craft) we sat around and told funny stories about Sophie. There was one time that she was boiling the kettle, but it was taking a long time to boil. Sophie reassured us, testing the water with her finger, "it's warming up! I feel it!" then amy finds the kettle unplugged. we would have waited a long time.
We also laughed about how Sophie is becoming increasingly gangsta... probably due to amy's influence, and because she's watched a lot of Martin Lawrence movies lately!
And we ate all the candy her grandparents sent her - there's a picture of us, pre-sugar high in the new youth room.

Yesterday, Sophie got her birthday cake (the kitchen makes a cake, about 12" by 8" and you aren't allowed to take it out of the dining hall). Usually we've managed to sneak it out the dining hall and eat it later, because it's a bit much to finish in one go, but this time we were bold (and hungry) and we at the WHOLE thing! There were 4 of us. We were impressed with ourselves, in a guilty way...

Also, Sophie was thrown in the pool on Friday - a Banani tradition. Actually the tradition is to dump buckets of water on the person, but we were more efficient :) There's a photo of her on the way to the pool.

We had a nice Feast on Saturday afternoon, I'd missed our Feasts over December. There is a picture of the children's program presentation, and my snazzy pink dress from Nika!

My prayers are with the youth in Montreal for their intensive teaching campaign! Youth will move Montreal.
Also a shout out to Amelia, hope you have a great birthday!! And Tami, you know you're getting on when your baby sister is grown up!! Have a super one babe :)

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Roya said...

All of you guys are just radiating with spiritual energy, I love it!