Wednesday, February 6, 2008

At What-i

I think I should talk a bit about phrases/words that Zambians use here. Here we go:

Ka: a prefix to designate something small. "Where is my ka-thing?" Sometimes they add 'ma' after 'ka'... for effect? "Behind the ka-ma-wall."
Chi: a prefix to designate something big.
At what-i: something close to the equivalent of "what?" Usually a question...
Sure: often used instead of "really?" i.e. "sure?"
Ay: to finish a question, an affirmation like "right?" ex: "You have my bag, ay?"
Iwe: means 'you'... often accompanied by 'ah-a' ex: "ah-a, iwe!" or "ah-a, youuuu"
umblella/ploblem/hory/kelly: umbrella/problem/holy/karrie... the r-ls get switched around often.
I'm asking for: instead of saying 'do you have' or 'can I have' the girls say "I'm asking for salt."
Even me: me too.
Penalt/caref/soverenity: penalty/careful/sovereignty ... lots of haplologies :) that's my word-of-the-day

Here are some pictures of my children's class, we learnt about unity and how Baha'u'llah says "Ye are the fruits of one tree and the leaves of one branch." Here we are taking a unity walk, trying to find unified ants/flowers/fruits/leaves.

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Muzaffer Esin said...

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