Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Hi! It's midterm break now and we've been doing a lot of relaxing... and cooking! There are lemons on the trees now and we picked guavas from a tree behind our appartment! That was fun. Mostly we just read, watch movies or go to the pool. It's actually so relaxing it's almost boring. The power has been going out a lot still, so our cooking schedule is kind of "Quick! cook everything right now!" I cut Sophie's and Rae's hair the other day. I should start charging for haircuts... in chocolate :)

The last week of school went by really fast. Nothing very exciting happened. On Monday Sophie, Mambwe (a youth who lives at the Institute) and I went to Lusaka to do some shopping. We treated ourselves to ice cream and a movie! We saw 27 Dresses... I'm not sure when that came out in Canada, but we enjoyed it. Some of the things we've been doing is one night, we went to Karen and Garth Pollock's house for some games, we played things like "This is a pen, a what? A pen!" and Psychiartrist... I'll try and post a movie of some of it. We're also making handbags with Bonnie Moore, it's fun to be creative!

The youth are organizing a Fundraiser (to raise money for the Baha'i National Fund here, towards building a new National Baha'i Center) and it consists of a potluck supper and talent show. We've written a play for the children, similar to The Incredibles only our bad guys are called Anna Mossity, Robackbite and Jello-see. Our good guys are Consulstation, Uniteam and Just-Ice. I think it will be really funny if the kids learn their parts!

Actually, I made pita bread a few days ago! I was so impressed with myself because it had a pocket in it! I thought it would be really hard to make the pocket, but it did it by itself! I also made soda crackers. They were less successful because the power went out and they sat on the counter for a few hours, but they were ok. The catch: we left them in a tupperware on the counter and that afternoon, someone came in our open back door and STOLE the crackers! They vanished! It was upsetting because I'd even made hummus (not smooth at all... no blender) to go with them. grrrr.

Anyway, I'll post some more pictures of the children practicing their play when I get them.
I was thinking of the youth at NEBY (North Eastern Baha'i Youth Conference) this past weekend, hope you all had fun!

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