Friday, March 21, 2008

Naw Ruz!

Happy Naw Ruz!
Naw Ruz is the Baha'i New Year, but it's also the Persian and Zoroastrian new year as well. Our 19 Day fast is over, and I'm eating as much as I can today hehehe

For the past few days, the youth have been working on a hip hop dance that we presented at the Naw Ruz party this morning. We also sang some songs and had a little play. Last night was a formal dinner at the school. It was really pretty. Most of the students have gone home for the Easter weekend, so I only hae about 10 girls in my dorm! It's nice and quiet.

We've also started playing Ultimate Frisbee almost every afternoon. During the fast, it was one way to keep you busy until supper time! Now it's just fun :)

It's been a really uneventful weekend apart from last night and this morning. Wait, no. The other night I had to extract a spider from our room because Shiva was scared. It was quite big as you can see... but not the dangerous kind.

I will be leaving Zambia in exactly two weeks! I can't get over it. I'm really going to miss hearing all the kids call me 'Miss K' or 'Aunty Karrie' when I leave. I should make a list of all the things I'll miss here so that for the next two weeks I really take time to appreciate them... these aren't in any order!
• The kids at the primary school
• My children's class
• The girls I serve with!!!
• The community
• Being woken up by the noisy gate of my dorm
• Shouting QUIET TIME and LIGHTS OUT each night
• Having toast for breakfast every day except weekends
• Hearing the doves and noises of the bush
• Having my back covered in flies (they just sit on your shirt)
• Youth deepenings
• The music here
• Being squished in a minibus
• Having sandy feet
• Everything...

I hope the pictures work!


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Marco said...

Happy Naw-Ruz!
Baha'i greetings from Portugal.

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