Monday, May 12, 2008

Happy Ending

Wow! It's been a while.
Let me summarize the last month as quickly as possible :)
I had a great time in Botswana with my brother, Kai. We went to a premier camp (i.e. really fancy) in the Okavango Delta called Mombo. We basically drove around in high grass and looked at animals. It was fantastic! We even tracked some rhinos and I saw 25% of Botswana's black rhino population... meaning i saw one out four haha
Then I went back to South Africa and met Rae, Sophie and Amy for our Baz Bus trip! We drove in a small bus from Joburg to Cape Town with stops in the Drakensburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Storm's River and Wilderness. My cousin also came with us. We did some hiking in the mountains which was absolutely spectacular. In Durban, Sophie and I got a bit lost in their bus system when we tried to do the grocery shopping. On one really long day of driving (14 hours), Amy and I had a dance party... a bit difficult because we were sitting down, but I think we busted some pretty sweet moves regardless! We did a walk along the Otter Trail in Storm's river and canoed in Wilderness.

Cape Town was loads of fun. We were staying on Long Street, which we discovered has a very busy and noisy nightlife haha. It was great. We went shopping at the malls, visited the markets, toured Robben Island, checked out the Botanical Gardens, met some of the Baha'i students studying in the area... It was really great. Oh, and we got some body peircings! Amy and I got our noses pierced and Rae got her ear (scaffolding) pierced.

Then I had a few quiet days in Joburg before I flew home.
It's been good to be home. I haven't unpacked yet, which i think may be indicative of my subconscious fear that if I settle back into my life here, I'll never leave, or I'll loose what I gained from my year of service... or maybe I just can't be bothered!

Whatever the reason, I have a feeling that this happy ending isn't really an ending. My year of service has only set my up for a life of service. When I look around at the people I worked with in Zambia, and the people I'm surrounded by at home, I get really excited because I can see that there is so much good yet to be seen in this world. I must admit that while I've been adjusting to the reverse-culture shock of being home, I've felt really low, paralyzed maybe with my uncertainty about what to do with myself, with my own inaction. I think I just need to give myself a bit of time to arrive, to unpack, and hold on tight to everything I've learned by being away.

I can't wait for life!!!


Anne said...

Best of luck Karrie with your life of service! I have enjoyed following along with your adventures. You seem like a very sweet and wonderful and devoted individual. I've also enjoyed learning about the school in Zambia. It would be wonderful to visit some day!

Roya said...

Karrie, I'm so glad.
I am so happy for you!
Good luck in your fabulous future that lies ahead... and I hope our paths cross some day! xox