Thursday, September 27, 2007


I'm a bit embarrassed that I'm only writing about this now, but I've decided to dedicate each month of my service here to a different person.

My first month here was dedicated to the memory of Dr. Shapour Javanmardi. He was the most loving, warm, and self-sacrificing man I've known. He was the grandfather of some very close friends of mine, but he was so kind to all that I often thought of him as my own grandfather. He also loved Africa and spent a lot of time in Mauritius. So in my first month, I tried to be warm and self-sacrificing like him, especially with the girls in my dorm. I have often felt his spirit with me and I know his memory will continue to inspire me.

My next month of service is dedicated to Monir Joon, the grandmother of some other close friends of mine. She was a gentle and caring woman. She loved to help her community and was a wonderful grandmother. She didn't speak very much English but despite this, her spirit always resonated with me. I hope in this next month to improve my qualities of service, patience and compassion, qualities she unceasingly demonstrated.

In the next few weeks there will be lots of fun activities! This Friday is a birthday party for Tahirih, where we will be learning Tongan and Zambian dancing with the other Baha'i youth. Then next Friday is a goodbye party for Neda, who is going back to Tonga. That begins the midterm break. During the break, the rest of us volunteers are going to a national park (South Luangwa) for 3 nights. We will probably be sleeping in tents in the trees, with wild animals walking around below us. We will also be able to go on guided walks and safari drives through the park. It's a 10 hour bus ride, though, from Lusaka to the park, so it's time for me to become hardcore African ;)

These are some pictures of the other Baha'i youth who are here.


Unknown said...

Dearest Karrie,

Your beautiful soul, your kind thoughts and your loving words are so touchingAlthough you are in far away land but, I feel so close to you that I can give you a spiritual hug. So if in the middle of the day you feel hot, it must be our warm love coming to you...My prayers are with you.


Tami said...

Mia said she cried when she read your latest post hahah :P
Woohoo camping in the trees! Exciting! have fuuuuuun!

Amelia May said...

Karrie- that's such an amazing idea. What you said was so beautiful! I really miss you.
I'll be sending you a detailed email shortly.

Unknown said...

Karrie Hammond Collins! You make me so happy! Thank you for your inspirational posts and your inspirational you. Much love,